Tax Credit – Renewal by 31 July


Many people with have received a “tax credit renewal pack” which needs to be completed by 31 July 2021. If you have received this pack you may find this note interesting. 

When to renew tax credit 

If you are waiting for tax credits, you will have received a renewal pack, where you’ll find all information necessary to renew your tax credits. Depending on your situation, the pack will have two different lines: 

  • If you have a red line on the first page that says ‘reply now’ it means that you need to renew your tax credits.  
  • If you have a black line on the first page that says ‘check now’ it means that you need to check that all your details are correct. If they are, there is nothing else that you need to do.  If the details are correct, your tax credit will be automatically renewed. If the details are not correct you have to notify it to HMRC. 

The deadline to renew your tax credits is on your renew pack, usually is 31st July.  You can renew your tax credits online, by phone and by post. 

Changes that you must update for Tax Credit payment 

You have to update your details if there is any changes of the following circumstances

  • Income 
  • Working hours 
  • Living arrangements 
  • Childcare 

What you need to renew 

To renew your tax credits, is essential to know the following information: 

  • The renewal pack 
  • Details about any changes (If this is the case) 
  • Total income of the last tax year (6 April 20 to 5 April 21) – of both you and your partner (If you have) 

Deadline missed 

If you miss the deadline for renewing, there are 3 option to follow: 

  • Contact HMRC within 30 days, you don’t need to pay anything, because your tax credit claim will be refreshed 
  • Contact HMRC after 30 days, you need to give them good reason for your missing, called ‘good cause’, so that they can decide to refresh or not your tax credit claim 
  • If you don’t contact HMRC at all, your tax credits claim will be stopped, and you must pay back all tax credit received since 6th April 21. 

If you need help, feel free to contact us.

Overview  Many people with have received a “ […]

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