Questions that need to be answered for the Sponsor Licence

What are the questions need to answer for the Sponsor Licence?

Find below the questions (verbatim) that need to be answered in the first stage of the Sponsor Licence request: 

  • Why are you applying for a sponsor licence? 
  • What sector you operate in? 
  • What are your opening/operating hours? 
  • You must provide an up-to-date hierarchy chart detailing any owner, directors and board members. If your business has 50 employees or fewer, you must list all employees and set out the names and titles of all staff. 
  • Tell us about the jobs you wish to fill and for which you intend to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). You must indicate which jobs are currently vacant and for which you intend to assign a CoS. If you have already identified someone that you wish to employ via the sponsorship system, you should provide evidence of how you identified this person. If you identified this person as a result of a recruitment process, you should include copies of advertisements placed to recruit for the job, details of any applicants and why they were not suitable for the job. You should confirm whether the person is already working for you. 
  • If you have not advertised the job and the migrant is not currently working for you, you should confirm how you identified that this person was the most suitable for the job. 
  • If you have already identified a person, including if they are a migrant already working for you, and intend to assign a CoS to them, you should provide the following details of the person:  full name, date of birth, nationality, current immigration status, current job title and duties and 3 monthly payslips, if applicable. 
  • Please provide details of your company website if available. 
  • If you have previously held a licence and it has expired, please provide the licence number if known with an explanation of the circumstances around the expiry. 
  • Migrants moving to you under Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE). To assist us in the processing of the application please provide the CoS details of the migrants that are transferring. 
  • If you are applying as a Head Office and/or UK branch(es), please only provide the address of the branch or branches where the migrant will be working. 
  • All email addresses you provide for all your key personnel must be secure, personal to and only accessible by the named individual.  Please provide confirmation of this with the supporting documents. 

If you need help to prepare your Sponsor Licence application, we can introduce you to one of our legal partners. Please, contact us

What are the questions need to answer for the Sponsor L […]

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