Goods Vehicle Movement regulations

Goods Vehicle Movement Regulations needed from 1st January 2022

From 1st January 2022, there will be a new statutory requirement for hauliers bringing goods into the UK from overseas. Most goods that are to move through a UK Port will need to use the Goods Vehicle Movement Service. In this article, we’ll look at the key elements of this service – who needs to register and how to register.

goods vehicle movement service service

What is the Goods Vehicle Movement Service?

The Goods Vehicle Movement Service is a new post-Brexit, government-based information technology system that has been set up as part of the UK’s border control arrangements.

Who needs To register for Goods Vehicle Service?

Any businesses that moves goods through a UK Port that is set up with the service (most ports) will need to register for Goods Vehicle Movement Service, as of January 2022. To avoid any delays, we recommend early registration.

How do I register for Goods Vehicle Service?

Registering for a Goods Vehicle Movement Service is a simple process and takes place via the Government’s Registration page.

To register, you will need an EORI – your Economic Operators Registration and Identification number. To get your GB EORI number, you will need a government gateway account. We usually register our clients for EORI.

What happens when I have registered?

Once you have registered for this service, you will need a Goods Movement Reference. This is again a simple process of logging in to your Government Gateway account and applying for your reference number.

registering for goods vehicle movement service

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Goods Vehicle Movement Regulations needed from 1st Janu […]

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